Founded in 2022 by families with deep ties to Mexico since before the 1900’s, Casa Amor offers a variety of tequila expressions to satisfy the diverse tastes of our customers. Grown and distilled in the hills of Jalisco, Mexico, where the intricate process of crafting our small batch tequila unfolds slowly and naturally. Our lineup includes: a vibrant, refreshing, and crisp Blanco, an aged Reposado showcasing our select agave, a smooth and complex Añejo, as well as our rich Extra Añejo. Each expression has its unique characteristics and can be enjoyed on its own as a sipping tequila or mixed into your favorite cocktail. Whether you prefer a bold and intense flavor or a subtle and earthy taste, we have an option that will satisfy your palate. Come and explore our tequila offerings and discover your new favorite flavor with Casa Amor.

Casa Amor Tequila is inspired by the passionate love story of Mayáhuel, a beautiful, young Aztec goddess, also known as the goddess of Agave. Casa Amor Tequila was created with the same passion and love for Tequila as Mayáhuel had with God of the Wind, Ehecatl All our distinctive private tequila  is made with the finest select 100% blue agave from the cool rich red volcanic soil of the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico. Casa Amor’s own Maestro Tequilero has conquered Tequila’s complex and artful production process and offers a wide scope of aromas and expressions. Our tequila is much more than just another spirit, it is truly an extraordinary tequila that creates an unforgettable experience that you can continue to share with friends and loved ones.